Origin Digital Distribution Platform Update

  • 12 October 2022

It's been a while since we last updated everyone on Origin as we were hard at work building the platform to the next level. There have been a lot of significant developments and changes that have occured since our last update, so let's go through a quick recap of the last 2 years!

The Road To Production

When we set out to create a digital distribution platform for independent artists, we knew from the start that it would take a lot of work. We've been through multiple pilots, closed beta tests and rigorous QA to ensure that we were delivering a quality product that met the demands of our users. One of the biggest challenges we've faced is incorporating all of the various platforms and services that creators might be using. In the beginning, we relied heavily on Dropbox and Google Drive for file storage and collaboration. In addition to our own inhouse storage and file servers, we also offered our users the ability to store and manage their files in the cloud. This was all well and good when we had around 10 users. As our customer base has grown, we've found that the need for dedicated file servers has increased. Our servers are now handling over a terabyte of data thanks to our users' growing content requirements. This makes for a much more demanding setup, requiring a much higher spec'd out computer to run. We've also found that as our users' content has grown in size, so too has the time it takes to transfer said content. Previously, our users would store smaller files in the cloud with little to no complications. However, the larger the file, the more sluggish the upload. With larger files comes a greater need for speed when it comes to uploading and downloading. This is where our users have become our greatest asset. They've helped us identify areas of the platform where we could improve and have helped us build a better product for creators looking to break into the industry.

Behind The Scenes

With all the attention focused on the frontend, it can be easy to forget about the backend. When we set out to build the platform, we knew from the start that we needed a lot of backend support to make everything function smoothly. This is where our team of inhouse developers comes in. They've been instrumental in making sure that all the pieces fit together seamlessly and that our product is of the highest quality. Their hard work has not gone unnoticed by our users who've been enjoying the benefits of our stable and mature backend for the past several months.

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